Wednesday, January 14, 2009

two inches of bull crap

i am getting pretty tired of all these let down with all the snow we are suposed to be getting but somehow it just disappears into some other dimension. now granted, yesterday cincy did get maybe an inch of light powder snow. too bad that's the crappiest kind, you can't do any thing with it. think about it, to pack snow balls or make a snow man or make anything in the snow you need the slightly wet heavier snow. when you get snow with the thick sheet of ice over it, you can do some of the best sledding ever, since you are basically sledding in a frictionless environment. also the snow underneath is the same wet snow that is good for packing. all you can do with this dry powder crap is sled, but thats sort of a problem when it doesn't even cover the grass on the hills. so basically this stuff is worthless except for making it Gawdawfully cold outside. how is it that we have so much technology in weather but unfortunately the people on the news are just technologically illiterate. but then that doesn't even make sense either because they hire people to look at the freakin' machines so all the guys reading the cue cards and gesticulating wildly at the map for no particular reason have to do is just that. it just like yuhgottabefrickinkiddingme, why don't they set the bar lower, so if on the off chance we get some damn snow everyone is pleasantly suprised. why don't they come on and say,"we might get snow tommorow, but probably not, we'll most likely get more crappy fog/rain, another great day in London! " that way people wouldn't get their hopes up and i wouldn't be bitching on an english class blog.

Friday, September 26, 2008

guilty pleasures

okay time to spill my guts. todays blog assignment is to talk about a guilty pleasure, so here goes. magic the gathering. yes it's true i play magic cards. those little trading cards you find in comic book stores. i have been playing on and off since i was about five. of course back then it was me watching my older cousins play at thanksgiving or being conned into playing and being lied to about the rules by my brother. i started to learn the rules around first grade and that was when i started buying my own decks. i can remember going into meijer's with my brother and coming out with a shiny new deck that still smelled like fresh ink. at that point i couldn't understand how i always seemed to buy the wrong deck because no matter which one i bought, my brother always beat me. probably the craziest thing is how serious my brother and i were about the game. it was unbelieveable. he and i would get into these huge screaming matches every time we thought the other one was cheating. it would sound something like this,"No! Goblin King doesn't get the +1+1 and mountain walk for all goblins effect too because he isn't a goblin! his creature type is not goblin it's a lord!"you get the idea, a lot of the time i would start screaming at him because he was beating me so bad. this happened a lot because by the time he was in 8th grade he had created the mother of all decks, the elf deck. it is the most singularly impossible to beat deck of all time. he got out like a million elves an then this card where he gained 1 life for every elf in play an then he had a card that turned his forests into elves so i was pretty much screwed. funny thing is that i have cultivated a small circle of friends that will come over to my house to sleep over and we will play 4 way magic cards till 4 in the morning. o and i don't call it a guilty pleasure, i prefer the term, eccentric hobby.

Jimmy Jazz